Jason Hills Modern Art

Phoenix exploration –

52 original works of art on display and available for purchase
+ two signed & numbered, limited edition serigraph prints…

Also check his work out at:
Jason Hill Gallery on Modern Phoenix

Jason Hill Design Gallery

His works would be amazing in any contemporary home, or historic for that matter! I just love em, so I had to share. a modern home


The Phoenix of Egyptian mythology, symbolizing high virtue, power, and prosperity, was consumed by fire and eternally rose anew from its ashes. It is fitting then that the founding principals of Phoenix Exploration Company each rose to success in the energy industry; obat perangsang wanita joined initially at Gryphon Exploration Company, and reassembled at Phoenix Exploration, accelerated by a focused mission, significant intellectual capital, and unwavering values.

Reinventing the tank

There isn’t going to be any ground war in Russia. There had better not be, anyway:

Russian experiences in Ukraine—where both sides are using upgraded Soviet-built tanks and anti-tank weapons—have shown that despite the best active, reactive and passive armor available, a tank will eventually be penetrated. “We discovered that no matter how skillful the crew, the tank would get up to ten hits,” Pukhov said during a luncheon at the Center for the National Interest in Washington, D.C.—which is the foreign policy think-tank that publishes The National Interest—on July 26. “Even if you have perfect armor—active, passive. In one case it will save you from one hit, in another case from two hits, but you’ll still get five hits and you’re done. That’s why now you’re supposed to have some kind of Tank 2.0.”

The Tank 2.0, as Pukhov describes it, is not the T-14 Armata—which despite its advanced unmanned turret and active protection systems—is still a more or less a conventional tank design. “I know Russians are thinking about this new tank and this tank is not Armata,” Pukhov said. “It’s what we call among us Boyevaya Mashina Podderzhki Tankov [Tank Support Fighting Machine]—but in fact it’s not a Podderzhki Tankov, but which can protect itself. So there is a serious debate about it.”

Later, during a one-on-one interview at the Center the same day, I asked Pukhov to elaborate on the Tank 2.0 concept. Pukhov said that traditionally, infantry has protected tanks—particularly in built up urban areas—but given the speed of modern armored vehicles, that is no longer possible in many cases. But while during previous eras tanks were more or less protected against weapons like rocket propelled grenades and anti-tank missiles, the latest generation of those weapons can punch through even the toughest armor.

What should alarm Western planners is that the Russians are rapidly transforming their military into a much more effective one than its larger, cumbersome Soviet predecessor. In both Ukraine and Syria, both air and ground arms have proven to be very effective; the swamp-them-with-numbers approach is clearly a thing of the past.

This wouldn’t be a problem, of course, if the Bush-Obama administrations hadn’t sought to make them an enemy rather than an ally in the Third Wave of Islamic Expansion.

tank you

The Loft Cube:

Phoenix exploration –
The Loft Cube:

I had read an article years ago in Playboy of all places, and had forgotten about these wonderful housing units until today, when I was speeking about something simuliar with a realtor of mine. a modern home

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The Opening Post: A search for a Haver

Phoenix explorationHello, this is my first post, so I thought I’d also introduce myself. My name is William LeGoullon, and at the moment I am living in Tempe with some friends of mine while I attend ASU. I have for years loved the phoenix metro area, growing up here, leaving and soon coming back for the arts community.

This blog is a space of interaction and exploration of learning more about Ralph Haver and related forms within the modern world of architecture. Its attempt to create a space in which I invite others to converge on simuliar interests, share information, as well as help me in my current quest to find a new home.

Now the time for me to begin looking at buying a home, and the works of Ralph Haver are definetly the type of look/style I would like to find. I dont really care about renovation work done or not done. I can work on it myself if it needs. Anywhere in Central or South Scottsdale and/or Tempe or near Bethanyhome area would be great. Also certin parts of central Phoenix could be an option (historic neighborhoods). Looking for anything contemporary/artsy/and would even be interested in something historic (FQ story, Willo, Roosevelt neighborhoods, near arts district etc.) I love the Beadle and Haver look, but it wouldnt have to be one of theirs. My price range is limited, as I have been comparing/looking at many prices throughout the market.

Any help in finding properties, realtors, or anything else would be much appreciated…

Over the next few days I will begin creating a space inwhich information and links will be available to those interested…

Take it easy… a modern home

Edgar Blazona’s Modualr Dwellings

Phoenix exploration – Get a room! or build one yourself!

I have been looking into alot of small enclosed, cheap, mobile and modern looking type living spaces since I posted the Loftcube, and have found out alot about the world of uniqueness within the enclosed minimalist archiectural design and environment. These designs by Edgar Blazona function as a normal living space, look amazing, and can be transported or built by anyone wanting to do so. With a couple different “models” created by Edgar, people can chose wheather they want a small getaway shelter, or a living space to call home. Blazona’s ReadyMade shed is constructed from Plexiglas, steel, and prefinished plywood-and it costs just $ 1,500. Be warned: You may want to consider dialing up a skilled contractor to raise the roof. (Confident DIYers who want to go at it alone can purchase a full set of blueprints and a more detailed how-to from: ReadyMade

Check these Modular Dwellings out!!!

The 32-year-old Blazona is a former graffiti artist turned furniture designer whose modular dwellings have been installed in art museums, at health spas, and by anyone willing to pony up the $ 15,000 they cost to build. His design for the living space design calls for standard Home Depot stuff like concrete, corrugated metal, and fiberboard, but the results are breathtaking and sleek-thoroughly modern dwellings that, once seen, immediately dissolve the default visions of Armstrong trailers and double-wide highway homes associated with the phrase modular living.

*photo and some text credited to readymade. a modern home

My Future FLOR Phoenix exploration

Phoenix exploration – FLOR is modular carpet tile. Use it to create your own rugs of any size, install it wall-to-wall, or mix and match FLOR for endless possibilities. FLOR is versatile, practical, and beautiful.

I have been looking into alot of interior ideas over the past couple days, and just love these… Check them em out at: FLOR: interfaceFLOR a modern home

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Better than Haver!

Phoenix exploration –

Yesterday a friend asked me who my favorite architect was. I had to think about it, and at first told him that I couldn’t pick just one. That it depended on what type of structure he wanted me to consider. But as the day went on I continued thinking about who would have to be the “one” favorite. I wanted to say Haver, but come on, im realistic here. Maybe in my price range he is, but I eventually remembered seeing a show by Lebbaus Woods in Pittsburgh a few years back. His design work is some of the most extreme experimental work being done by anyone today… I just thought I’d share… here are 2 more examples:

Sorry I couldn’t find any websites worth posting. a modern home

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A View of the work: Phoenix exploration

Phoenix exploration – Here are some links to Modern Phoenix: Neighborhood Networks galleries for Havers: Enjoy…

Marlen Grove
Marlen Grove Property
Marlen Grove Property
Tonka Vista
Rancho Vista

For full list of nieghborhood pics visit:

Images are copyrighted to Modern Phoenix.
Thanks… a modern home

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More Modernism…

Phoenix exploration –

I wanted to share with you all some more modern modular type homes, that I have been looking into. I have decided against doing something like this for myself, however the projects and ideas still interest me. I have decided no matter where I find a new home, I will be creating some sort of small space much like Blazona’s MD 100. I just love that sense of being brought into an outside environment, and having simplicity with an interior that is closely related to the natural world outside of it.

Here are some more places and designs I have found, that are really wonderful, all for their characteristics and purposes. Maybe someday, when I have land in the middle of no where I’ll check these out. In the mean time I’ll let you guys explore this new way of living, and find out for yourselves whether this is something you might be interested in doing soon. a modern home coming soon