A tale of three reviews

Bestselling SF author Christopher Nuttall reviews MAGA MINDSET: Making YOU and America Great Again:

MAGA Mindset is not specifically about Trump, although – as you might have guessed – it discusses Trump and his appeal in some detail. Instead, it is a background study of the present-day cultural conflict – I would really call it a civil war – within America and, in at least some aspects, the rest of the West. Such an assessment is long overdue, yet often lacking. Politics, as always, cast a long shadow over any such assessment….

One can only be defeated if one accepts defeat. Trump’s success comes from two factors – the willingness to dream big and the willingness to keep going, even after setbacks. He is correct in many ways – but Big Government works hard to make it difficult. Fighting them can be immensely demoralising. But we have to carry on regardless.

This is a historic election. And this book goes quite some way towards explaining why.

Even if you don’t like Trump, even if you recoil in horror at the thought of President Trump taking office next year, you need to read this book.

Speaking of politics, It’s always cute when fake reviewers try to guess what the book is about, and guess wrong:

Used to be a long time reader of Mike and his blog; this book lacked any real evidence as to why Trump and his policies are and actually will be effective if he were to win the 2016. This book completely ignores the discussion of policy and instead focuses on “mindset” techniques that have been rehashed from Gorilla Mindset and his previous blog postings. If Donald Trump loses, this entire book and Mike will lose credibility, proving that Mike has become nothing more than a sheep for the alt-right movement / manosphere.

Notice a theme with these one-star “reviewers”?

I’m a long time reader of Cernovich’s excellent blog, and I’ve purchased and enjoyed his previous books. It saddens me the way the entire “manosphere” has latched onto the odious Donald Trump, swallowing his garbage hook line and sinker. Cernovich claims to be “journalist” now, but in reality he is nothing but a Trump cheerleader, repeating the usual Trump conspiracy theories (Clinton has Parkinsons, election is rigged, etc). If you like Trump, you will probably like this book. Honestly, even if I did like Trump this would be a pretty pathetic effort.

I’m always sorry to see one of our writers disappoint a long time reader[sic] in this way.

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4,278 Blog Posts & Counting! Lee Allison first started the ‘Arizona Geology: blog of the State Geologist of Arizona’ in 2007 and faithfully posted until his death on 16 August 2016.  In nine years, Lee posted 4,278 blog posts. The content ranged widely from geologic news of the Arizona Geological Survey, to the moratorium on mining in the Arizona Strip, to regional, national and international events impacting the geosciences. Recent posts focused on the changing circumstances of the Survey as we transferred from state government to the University of Arizona.

One of Lee’s most heartfelt projects was communicating advances in the geosciences far and wide. To honor Lee, AZGS staff will continue his Arizona Geology blog. We’ll involve multiple bloggers addressing their passion for geoscience.

The Arizona Geology blog will always bear the indelible fingerprints of Lee Allison. And that is as it should be.

Our Arizona Geology e-Newsletter has an article on Lee and some of his accomplishments.

AZGS Staff
Phoenix Area

The decline and fall of Angela Merkel

Germans continue to turn away from Angela Merkel and the CDU:

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s party suffered a bruising loss in Berlin state elections Sunday while the right-wing populist AfD gained fresh support, capitalising on anger over her open-door refugee policy.

The anti-Islam Alternative for Germany party won over 12 percent, according to public broadcasters’ projections, in the capital which has long prided itself on being a hip, diverse and multicultural city.

The strong AfD result, thanks to support especially in the vast tower block districts in Berlin’s former communist east, meant it has now won opposition seats in 10 of Germany’s 16 states, a year ahead of national elections.

Merkel’s centre-right Christian Democratic Union (CDU) won just 18 percent — its worst post-war result in the city, before or after the 1989 fall of the Berlin Wall — likely spelling the end of its term as junior coalition partner to the Social Democrats (SPD), who won around 22 percent.

It’s not as if things are going to get better for the CDU if they don’t promptly return all of the migrants who have invaded Germany over the last year.

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Zinc-lead-silver mineral deposit discovered in SE Arizona
The Arizona Mining Inc. just announced a major new zinc discovery in southern Arizona. The company’s Hermosa Project is a zinc-lead-silver deposit that rivals other world-class deposits. Arizona Mining plans to release a preliminary economic assessment for the project in the first quarter of 2017.

The Hermosa Project is situated on 17,500 acres in Santa Cruz County just north of the U.S.-Mexico frontier. First discovered in 2015, the zinc-lead-silver sulfide inferred resource includes 39.4 million tonnes at 11.04% zinc equivalent, and 235 million ounces of measured and indicated (M&I) silver resources. M&I manganese reserves approach 10 billion pounds.

An aggressive drilling program is filling in the holes on the distribution and grade of the mineral resource. The Arizona Mining Co. plans to complete their site feasibility study by the end of 2017.

For more information,

Uses of Zinc (Zn): Zinc joins iron, aluminum, and copper as one of most consumed metals by human society. Zinc has strong anticorrosive properties and readily form chemical bonds with other metals. ½ of all zinc goes into zinc galvanizing to prevent rusting of iron or steel.

Zinc is combined with copper to form brass, and with other metals, to form alloys used in automobiles, electrical components, and household fixtures. Zinc oxide is used in rubber manufacturing and as a protective skin ointment.

Note: ‘Arizona Mining Inc. is a Canadian mineral exploration and development company focused on the exploration and development of its 100% owned Hermosa Project located in Santa Cruz County, Arizona.

Image courtesy of Arizona Mining.
Post by M. Conway
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Jason Hills Modern Art

Phoenix exploration –

52 original works of art on display and available for purchase
+ two signed & numbered, limited edition serigraph prints…

Also check his work out at:
Jason Hill Gallery on Modern Phoenix

Jason Hill Design Gallery

His works would be amazing in any contemporary home, or historic for that matter! I just love em, so I had to share. a modern home


The Phoenix of Egyptian mythology, symbolizing high virtue, power, and prosperity, was consumed by fire and eternally rose anew from its ashes. It is fitting then that the founding principals of Phoenix Exploration Company each rose to success in the energy industry; obat perangsang wanita joined initially at Gryphon Exploration Company, and reassembled at Phoenix Exploration, accelerated by a focused mission, significant intellectual capital, and unwavering values.

Reinventing the tank

There isn’t going to be any ground war in Russia. There had better not be, anyway:

Russian experiences in Ukraine—where both sides are using upgraded Soviet-built tanks and anti-tank weapons—have shown that despite the best active, reactive and passive armor available, a tank will eventually be penetrated. “We discovered that no matter how skillful the crew, the tank would get up to ten hits,” Pukhov said during a luncheon at the Center for the National Interest in Washington, D.C.—which is the foreign policy think-tank that publishes The National Interest—on July 26. “Even if you have perfect armor—active, passive. In one case it will save you from one hit, in another case from two hits, but you’ll still get five hits and you’re done. That’s why now you’re supposed to have some kind of Tank 2.0.”

The Tank 2.0, as Pukhov describes it, is not the T-14 Armata—which despite its advanced unmanned turret and active protection systems—is still a more or less a conventional tank design. “I know Russians are thinking about this new tank and this tank is not Armata,” Pukhov said. “It’s what we call among us Boyevaya Mashina Podderzhki Tankov [Tank Support Fighting Machine]—but in fact it’s not a Podderzhki Tankov, but which can protect itself. So there is a serious debate about it.”

Later, during a one-on-one interview at the Center the same day, I asked Pukhov to elaborate on the Tank 2.0 concept. Pukhov said that traditionally, infantry has protected tanks—particularly in built up urban areas—but given the speed of modern armored vehicles, that is no longer possible in many cases. But while during previous eras tanks were more or less protected against weapons like rocket propelled grenades and anti-tank missiles, the latest generation of those weapons can punch through even the toughest armor.

What should alarm Western planners is that the Russians are rapidly transforming their military into a much more effective one than its larger, cumbersome Soviet predecessor. In both Ukraine and Syria, both air and ground arms have proven to be very effective; the swamp-them-with-numbers approach is clearly a thing of the past.

This wouldn’t be a problem, of course, if the Bush-Obama administrations hadn’t sought to make them an enemy rather than an ally in the Third Wave of Islamic Expansion.

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The Loft Cube:

Phoenix exploration –
The Loft Cube:

I had read an article years ago in Playboy of all places, and had forgotten about these wonderful housing units until today, when I was speeking about something simuliar with a realtor of mine. a modern home

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The Opening Post: A search for a Haver

Phoenix explorationHello, this is my first post, so I thought I’d also introduce myself. My name is William LeGoullon, and at the moment I am living in Tempe with some friends of mine while I attend ASU. I have for years loved the phoenix metro area, growing up here, leaving and soon coming back for the arts community.

This blog is a space of interaction and exploration of learning more about Ralph Haver and related forms within the modern world of architecture. Its attempt to create a space in which I invite others to converge on simuliar interests, share information, as well as help me in my current quest to find a new home.

Now the time for me to begin looking at buying a home, and the works of Ralph Haver are definetly the type of look/style I would like to find. I dont really care about renovation work done or not done. I can work on it myself if it needs. Anywhere in Central or South Scottsdale and/or Tempe or near Bethanyhome area would be great. Also certin parts of central Phoenix could be an option (historic neighborhoods). Looking for anything contemporary/artsy/and would even be interested in something historic (FQ story, Willo, Roosevelt neighborhoods, near arts district etc.) I love the Beadle and Haver look, but it wouldnt have to be one of theirs. My price range is limited, as I have been comparing/looking at many prices throughout the market.

Any help in finding properties, realtors, or anything else would be much appreciated…

Over the next few days I will begin creating a space inwhich information and links will be available to those interested…

Take it easy… a modern home

Edgar Blazona’s Modualr Dwellings

Phoenix exploration – Get a room! or build one yourself!

I have been looking into alot of small enclosed, cheap, mobile and modern looking type living spaces since I posted the Loftcube, and have found out alot about the world of uniqueness within the enclosed minimalist archiectural design and environment. These designs by Edgar Blazona function as a normal living space, look amazing, and can be transported or built by anyone wanting to do so. With a couple different “models” created by Edgar, people can chose wheather they want a small getaway shelter, or a living space to call home. Blazona’s ReadyMade shed is constructed from Plexiglas, steel, and prefinished plywood-and it costs just $ 1,500. Be warned: You may want to consider dialing up a skilled contractor to raise the roof. (Confident DIYers who want to go at it alone can purchase a full set of blueprints and a more detailed how-to from: ReadyMade

Check these Modular Dwellings out!!!

The 32-year-old Blazona is a former graffiti artist turned furniture designer whose modular dwellings have been installed in art museums, at health spas, and by anyone willing to pony up the $ 15,000 they cost to build. His design for the living space design calls for standard Home Depot stuff like concrete, corrugated metal, and fiberboard, but the results are breathtaking and sleek-thoroughly modern dwellings that, once seen, immediately dissolve the default visions of Armstrong trailers and double-wide highway homes associated with the phrase modular living.

*photo and some text credited to readymade. a modern home